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Learning about individual skin types and skin conditions by conducting a clinical skin assessment is the most important part of our clinic’s commitment to help each one of our clients achieve their  skincare goals. A healthy skin is much more than beauty.  It brings a sense of self confidence and self esteem.  We stay committed to bring to you the healthiest,  and most youthful skin possible. We provide virtual consultation online as well as face to face in clinic.  We cannot prescribe formulations unless we see the skin condition. Not all Acne are the same, not all pigmentation are the same, and  not all products should be used together; The right products used in combination will enhance each other’s effects, others will neutralise each other, while some can cause a severe reaction when combined.  We sell online for personal use only and after careful consultations . Otherwise we need to establish that you are a current user of the brand.  We do not wholesale to other businesses as our accounts are certified and approved by our Brand Partners. Those who purchase from our online store or from the clinic are assured of ongoing skin care support.

We are totally committed to bring to you the healthiest,  and most beautiful,  youthful skin possible. We have a special program carefully planned and put together for those suffering with severe acne or any other debilitating skin condition that is difficult to manage. The Sanctuary Mentor Program started back in the Seychelles in 2006 to educate clients on the importance of skin health. It is dedicated to Teenage and Young adults. There is a selection process and usually takes about 12 treatments to clear the skin, sometimes alongside medical protocols.  Acne and unpleasant skin conditions can result in scars that reach far beyond the skin, and people and lives are often torn apart leaving scars that money alone cannot erase. Those are the scars that we do all we can to prevent. We have a unique and specialised plan for each individual. No two skins are the same.

We are proud to be a  DMK ONE Clinic, and a Specialist Centre for Dermamelan and Cosmelan  Depigmentation Peels by Mesoestetic.

Lucie, the founder of the Sanctuary Beauty and Wellness, began her beauty therapy career decades ago but achieved her Beauty Specialist Qualification in 2003. This led quickly to her teaching the same qualification to others at the Perth College of Beauty Therapy. She is a Cosmetic Chemist and a certified ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) Lecturer. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science and Clinical Aesthetics.

She launched the first International Beauty and Wellness Academy in the Seychelles in 2005 teaching students from Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa. During that time she was involved in setting up world class day spas in different countries. In 2008 she set up the Sanctuary Beauty and Wellness Centre in Perth which quickly became one of the most loved small businesses in the area.

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