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Being a certified and approved Depigmentation Clinic, our long term sustainable results are acheived and maintained by Cosmelan and Dermamelan Peel by Mesoestetic.

        Client Below had years of persistent Melasma. After over 3 years of initial Peel treatment, the pigmentation reappeared in opposite parts of the face.



           Client below had persistent melasma for 10 years. First row of photos (1.a) are from June 2019 before her first treatment.


  1. a


  1. bchronic Melasmachronic Melasma


Second row of photos (1.b) are:  first  2 photos May 2021, 2 years after her first Cosmelan Peel, and last 2 photos  October 2019 after her 2nd Cosmelan Peel.