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Meet Lucie

When it comes to beauty, Lucie goes beyond a beautiful skin. The clinic is a Dermal Therapy Practice for anyone needing skin correctives or advice, however, with her passion for woman?s health she has gone on to build her clinic to care for women through the ages. From teenagers, to their child-bearing years through to the twilight years, she is very well known to ?have it?. From products to suit their different budgets, beliefs and concepts, she has something for everyone to stay feeling pampered from top to toe, and to leave the clinic happy.

If asked what drives her to work so hard her answer is always about changing lives, and bringing back a smile on the face of those struggling with their skin. My other equally important clients are teenage acne sufferers. I have skin the scars of acne go way beyond the skin. I have seen families torn apart, broken, sons and daughters lost because of severe acne. Those are the scars I will do all I can to prevent. The scars that last a lifetime for many. The scars that money alone cannot erase. My door is always open to anyone who feel the need to discuss their Acne skin. I will always find a way to see them.


Sanctuary Spa Manicure
Includes Nourishing Paraffin Mask, Full Manicure and Polish


Sanctuary Spa Pedicure
Includes Nourishing Paraffin Mask, Foot Massage & Polish
DMK MediPedi with Peel
Remove callouses and hard skin build up. MediPedi? gives exceptional visible and tactile improvements in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet feeling smooth and soft.

For your normal pampering manicures and pedicures, we? recommend Vijen Le Nails, located next to our clinic in Southern River Shopping Centre. If you want a quick file, buff and polish of your natural nails in as little as 15 minute, shop for Gloss and Co Starter Pack with your base coat, polish of your choice, top coat, remover (choice of acetone, non acetone, or nourishing remover). Get all you need from your file and buffers from our Shop section or in clinic.

Body Treatment
IPL & Laser
Skin Treatments
Plasma Skin Tightening
Skin Tags & Milia Removal
Spray Tans
Teeth Whitening
Eye Brows and Eye Lashes

For Manicures and Pedicures we recommend Vijen Le Nails located next to the clinic.? For Clinical Foot Care, see list below