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Body Treatment

Meet Lucie

Lucie began her beauty therapy journey decades ago but attained her ITEC Beauty Specialist Diploma in 2003. This led quickly to her teaching the same specialisation to others at the Perth College of Beauty Therapy. In 2005, she opened the first beauty academy in the Seychelles. Follow her in this link:


In 2008 she returned to Perth to carry on teaching The Beauty Specialist International Diploma at the Perth College of Beauty, and also opened the Sanctuary: Beauty and Wellness Centre, which has gone on to become one of the best-loved small businesses in the area.

Lucie strongly believes in collaboration and has always had a good rapport with both her past students and her different places of employment in Perth, where she was always involved in skills improvement for the Industry.

When it comes to beauty, Lucie goes beyond a beautiful skin. With her deep passion for woman’s health she has gone on to build her clinic to specialise in age management and women’s wellness. From teenagers, to their child-bearing years through to the twilight years, she will make sure that everyone receives their own personalised plan for their specific needs.  From formulations to fit their different budgets, beliefs and concepts, she has a unique service and plan for each one of her clients.

Lucie is all about changing lives, and for those struggling with their skin such as acne sufferers, Rosacea and Pigmentation disorders. “I have skin the scars of skin disorders beyond the skin. I have seen quality of life lost because of severe acne. I have seen adults fall into depression, feeling helpless. Those are the scars I will do all I can to prevent. The scars that last a lifetime and that money alone cannot erase”. She does things very differently and her results speak for themselves.  See our blogs on Images of skin conditions

Body Treatment- Massage

Aromatherapy full Body Massage (1 hour)
Relaxing full Body Massage (1 hour)
Stress Relief Massage (30 mins)
Deluxe Back Cleansing with 20 mins back massage (1 hour)
From $150
Stress Management Therapy
Price on Consultation

Body Treatment - skin care

Hair regrowth needling - 30 mins
Price on consultation
Stress Relief Therapy (30 mins) or (60 mins)
Price on Consultation
Deluxe Back Cleansing (40 mins)
Back Acne Clearing
Price on Consultation

Body Remodelling Procedures

Body Acne
Price on consultation
Arm and Hand Remodelling
Price on Consultation
Stretchmarks Revision
Price on Consultation
Red Vein Treatment
Price on Consultation
Cellulite Reduction
Price on Consultation
Body Treatment
IPL & Laser
Skin Treatments
Plasma Skin Tightening
Skin Tags & Milia Removal
Spray Tans
Teeth Whitening
Eye Brows and Eye Lashes